What To Know About Water Damage In Your Crawlspace

Posted on: 27 July 2020

If you just moved into a new house that has a crawlspace underneath it, you may not know that it can get a ton of water damage underneath it, which can reduce the overall integrity of your home's foundation. To help you keep moisture out and to ensure that no damage has already taken place, there are a few different things that you can do. 

Check for Water Damage

Either when you are in the midst of the purchasing process (during your inspection) or after you have purchased the home, it's important to see if there is any existing damage underneath your house and in your crawlspace. Hire a professional inspector to go underneath because they will know exactly what to look for. For instance, a lot of crawlspaces have wood beams that help support the house, and you will want to see if any of those have wood rot. Also, you will want them to check for things like standing water, damage to the actual ground, damage to the cement foundation, or even mold. 

Fix the Damage

If there is any damage in your crawlspace, it will be in your best interest to have it fixed so that it doesn't get worse and so that your home is in the best shape as possible. Depending on your homeowners' insurance, they may cover the majority of the cost so that all you will have to pay for is the deductible. If you are buying a home that has damage, you can always negotiate the cost into your contract so that it is covered. 

Waterproof It

Once all of the damage has been fixed, it's time to waterproof it to prevent any damage from happening in the future. To help waterproof your basement, there is a process called encapsulation. Encapsulation is essentially the process in which a crawlspace is sealed off so that moisture can't get into it and cause things like mold and wood rot. During this process, air vents will also be installed in the crawlspace to help increase the air ventilation throughout the space while also keeping moisture out.

Having a crawlspace that is free of moisture and damage is critical when you own a home. When there is any sort of damage, it can impact the overall structure of your home. To learn more about crawlspace encapsulation, reach out to a specialist in your area today and ask them for a little bit of help. 

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