Water Damage Restoration Services: What's Involved When You Call In A Damage Contractor?

Posted on: 23 July 2018

When you encounter a steady drip! drip! drip! in any part of your home, it can make you feel quite anxious. You may start looking for water damage restoration services in your area, and you may even arrange for a couple of different damage contractors to come to your home. While you know that these contractors will fix the problem, you may not know what other services these contractors provide.

Damage Assessments

Water damage contractors assess the problem you have and classify it at a certain level of damage. If you cannot see any water damage, but you have water coming through the ceiling, then the contractor may have to pull up roofing materials or go into your attic to see where the source of the water is located. Hopefully, the damage is really minor and is just a "Level 4" for high evaporation. Then the contractor can write an estimate for repairs based on the need to just seal the part of your roof that is causing the leak and patch and renovate the ceiling where the water is dripping through. 

Clean-up Services

Sometimes a clean-up is needed when carpet and furniture have been affected by a leak in the roof/ceiling. This typically occurs when you are not at home and could have placed something under the drip to prevent water damage to floors and furniture. If the water damage was already bad, and the ceiling collapsed inward when you were not home, you need clean-up services, which water damage and restoration contractors provide. If there is widespread water damage to your home, such as that which was seen in recent hurricanes, and you do not have the heart or strength to clean out your home on your own, then water damage contractors can help you with that as well.

Repairs to Faulty Plumbing

If your water damage was the result of faulty plumbing, some water damage contractors have a plumber on their payrolls. They may also subcontract this type of work out to a plumber. Charges for the plumber to fix the faulty plumbing are listed on your estimate for repairs and restoration.

Total or Partial Loss of Your Home Documentation

A contractor can also see if your home would be considered a total or partial loss. This only happens when there has been widespread flooding in the area, but if a contractor pronounces your home as such, then he/she gives you a document attesting to that fact. That document can be used to apply to government agencies (e.g., FEMA) for financial assistance to restore your home or replace it.

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