Dealing With Busted Pipes & Water Damage

Posted on: 31 March 2017

Dealing with the mess that happens after frozen pipes burst open can make living in a house stressful. The bad thing about such a situation is that if it is not handled the correct way, you can end up with the same thing happening again. It is also important for all of the water to be removed properly. There are restoration companies, such as Redeeming Restoration Disaster Services, that can help you with more than removing the water, as they can also restore areas of your house that were damaged by the water. In this article, you will find a few tips that can guide you in the right direction to handling the busted pipe situation in your house.

1. Get the Pipes Repaired Before Anything Else

Before any other work is done inside of your house to fix the situation, you must focus on the root cause of it all happening. Hire a plumber to perform an inspection so he or she can let you know how many of your pipes have busted open. The plumber will be able to use a special device that is able to pick up sound waves inside of the walls that will let him or her know where pipes are leaking. You don't want to end up with a large amount of drywall being demolished to repair pipes when it isn't necessary. However, if the drywall is already damaged from water damage, it will need to be replaced anyway.

2. Consider Getting the Pipes Insulated 

If you want to reduce the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting open again, it is a good idea to get them insulated. Don't wait until your pipes have been repaired before making a decision on whether or not to get them insulated. It is important to get the insulation material placed around the pipes before the drywall has been repaired. If you do opt for insulating the pipes, choose the type of material that fully covers them for the fullest extent of protection.

3. Allow a Water Damage Restoration Company to Help

If you hire a water damage restoration to assist with removing the water, it is possible that they will also hire the plumbers that are needed to repair the pipes on your behalf. Drywall contractors can be hired on your behalf as well. The company will quickly remove water by using high powered pumps to send it outside. You can also count on water to be removed from your furniture, clothing, and anything else in your house that it made contact with. A restoration company can help you from start to finish to bring your house back to a habitable condition.